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About US


100% of profits off every sale go the artists.

Spooky Grove is a community of artists who all sell their spooky, dark, and lowbrow themed merchandise and prints through one webstore. We believe in giving artists the best deals possible and helping them make money off their artwork. That's why the Spooky Grove webstore doesn't take a cut and lets the artist keep every cent of what they've earned.

Spooky Grove is always looking for more artists

We're constantly looking to add more artists to the team and keep our selection of merchandise and prints updated and diverse. If you're an artist with an art style that is somewhat dark and are looking to sell merchandise and prints but aren't quite sure where to start or how to get quality results for a good price... LOOK NO FURTHER!

International shipping, quality printing

We sell our merchandise and prints through Printful. They have two warehouse locations in the United States and one in Europe with state of the art screen-printing technology and quality apparel and accessories shipped internationally.